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About Maître CERF

Maître CERF took an oath in February 1999 at the Bar of Paris, where she has gained practice representing and defending the rights of individuals, in partnership with Maître CHARTIER, attorney-at-law at the Bar of Marseille.

Bilingual English/French, Maître CERF assists and advises clients provided with her international experience.

Maître CERF meets with her clients by appointment only at the office of Paris or Marseille.

Our Law Firm CERF works in partnership with:

Jessica LESCS Lawyer in Paris and Marseille

Frédérique CHARTIER Lawyer in Marseille

Jean-François CHABOT Lawyer in Montreal (Quebec - Canada)

Attorney Profile

Bar admission in Paris - France - 3 March 1999

Legal Trainer in MORROCO 2013

Professional activities:

  • Mission to GREECE (SAMOS) 2019
  • Mission to TURKEY 2018
  • Mission to ARMENIA 2017
  • Mission to MACEDONIA 2016
  • Mission to UKRAINE 2014
  • Mission to BURUNDI 2011
  • Mission to AZERBAIDJAN, KIRGYZTAN and UKRAINE 2005 and 2006
  • Mission to KOSOVO and BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA from 2000 to 2004


Graduated from AUREP University School of Management

  • Master in International Asset Management 2015

Graduated from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas:

  • Master in Human Rights and humanitarian Law
  • Master in Labour Law

Graduated from University College London - UK:

  • Master in European Law


  • ELENA (European Legal Network on Asylum)
  • ADDE (Association of Lawyers for the defence of migrants)
  • ASF (Lawyers without borders)
  • Human Rights Institute of Paris

Publications :

  • With regards to international conventions, is general confinement legal? Human Rights Institute of Paris Bar, 2020
  • Kosovo in Dictionary of secularity Ed. Armand Colin, 2012, reed. 2016
  • Human Rights in Dictionary of secularity Ed. Armand Colin, 2011, reed. 2016
  • Freedom of movement in Romania Gazette du Palais, March 2006
  • Legal reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina versus good common sense Austrian Review of International and European Law, 2005
  • Implementation of the European Convention of human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina Revue d’analyse juridique de l’actualité internationale (, April 2002
  • NATO and human rights in Kosovo,

Conferences and seminars:

  • The right of refugees, University of Paris-Sorbonne 2017
  • Desire of children and children rights, Bar of Paris 2015
  • Family reunification in EU Law, Bar of Paris 2011
  • Climate refugees, Bar of Paris 2010

Our fees

  • Fixed fees are charged when legal matter is simple and well defined.
  • Hourly rates are based on an agreed-upon Hourly rate for the hours the lawyer works on a client's case until it is resolved.
  • Fees on result are complementary fees based on a percentage of what you are awarded in the case.

Our Law Firm is looking to develop a trust-based relationship with our clients, to inform them in a transparent fashion of the fees and establish with each of them a fees convention outlining the modalities of payment depending on each case.

Professional secrecy

Our Firm guarantees to its clients the highest level of confidentiality in the treatment of their cases. Maître CERF is bound by the Professional secrecy, which is one of the fundamental rules of the profession of lawyer. The Professional secrecy is general, absolute and unlimited in the time.