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Criminal law

Our Office assists you whether you are:

  • In police custody
  • Indicted
  • Summoned before a judge or before the Tribunal
  • Victim of an offence

Our Office will support you at each step of the proceeding.

You are summoned before a judge

Presumption of innocence, the rights of the defence and individual liberty are the fundamental principles of the criminal proceeding.

Any individual has the right to be defended by a lawyer. The respect of the rights of the defence is part of the fundamental principles recognized by the Laws of the Republic.

Our Office assists you, wherever you are summoned for a contravention/breaches “contraventions”, a serious criminal act “délit” (ex. burglary, fraud, violences …) or a crime.

Application of the penalty

The judge for sentencing “juge de l'application des peines” is in charge of following and controlling the defendant in the execution of his penalty in case of suspended sentence, postponement of the sentence, community work or freedom on parole. The judge may deliver a warrant or an arrest warrant if the defendant does not respect his obligations. In detention, the judge is competent to pronounce sentencing reductions and can decide on an outdoor placement, relative freedom, reduction, division or suspension of the sentence, freedom on parole or electronic surveillance.

You are a victim

You are victim of a breach and want to complaint.

The simple complaint is lodged at the police station or sent to the public prosecutor.

The complaint with civil action proceedings “plainte avec constitution de partie civile” allows you to request the investigative judge to prosecute, to be associated to the investigations and ask for damages.

The direct summons “La citation directe” : The victim can directly summon the defendant before the tribunal.

At each step of the proceeding, our Office guarantees you the highest confidentiality.